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Summersett Farm teaches the English forward seat style of riding.  We match our school horses to each rider's ability and skill level.  We strive to teach good horsemanship from the ground to the sadle while creating an enjoyable riding experience in a safe, friendly environment.  Riders progress at their own pace with each lesson geared to the individual and their teammate (the horse).  Minimum student age is 6 years old or at discretion of instructor.  



$45 per lesson Private/Semi Private

$160 for a package of 4


Minimum riding apparel required are jeans with close fitting pant legs and hard soled boots with approximately 1" heel (no tennis shoes).  Helmets are provided and mandatory.


Schedule at least 1 1/2 hour for your lesson.  This includes grooming, tacking up, riding time followed by cool down and grooming.


Note: First Lesson is an evaluation.  The instructor will observe student's ability, skill level and learning style.  Instructor will familiarize student with horses, barn surroundings and safety rules at this lesson.

Photo courtesy of DFOXPhotos

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